Ottawa residents rallied outside Ottawa City Hall to demonstrate support for a motion to declare a climate emergency, April 16.

Ottawa residents rallied outside Ottawa City Hall to demonstrate support for a motion to declare a climate emergency, April 16.

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Elections Canada sets a dangerous precedent 

Re: Elections Canada warns environment groups that calling climate change real could be considered partisan

The United Nations has said we only have 11 years before climate change causes irreparable, disastrous consequences for all nations. I am absolutely horrified and disgusted that Elections Canada has informed environmental charities that any talk of climate change in the upcoming federal election could be considered partisan activity.

How is muzzling scientific facts, because it might illuminate the falsehoods in some parties’ platforms, a good thing when Canadians are about to vote on the future of their country? Will UNICEF Canada be silenced if some person running for office expresses scepticism about immunizations? Where does this end?

This decision sets a very dangerous precedent for all future elections. This is not partisan activity, it is simply alerting the Canadian public to scientific truths. If the political parties who feel they are being hurt by this information can prove that it is not, in fact, scientific consensus, then the environmental groups should be silenced. If not, then let the truth be known.

Christine Midwinter, Orléans

Climate change repression shows we’re living in Wonderland

Sometimes I wonder if we have all fallen down a rabbit hole. Since the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, has expressed doubts about the human causes of climate change, Elections Canada has decided that charities cannot express opinions that support the idea of man-made climate change. 

This is patently absurd, but let’s explore the rationale a little further. Suppose a far-right party forms and expresses the belief that the Holocaust was a fraud perpetuated by a shadowy anti-Semitic organization? Would charities that believe the Holocaust was real be in danger of losing their tax-exempt status? 

Welcome to Wonderland.

David Polk, Blackburn Hamlet

Elections Canada displays wilful misunderstanding of science

Shame on Elections Canada for treating climate change like some debatable ideology.

The scientific evidence for climate change is now overwhelming. While our understanding of the exact processes involved may still be imperfect, it is increasingly clear that a major contributing factor, if not the root cause of the current phenomenon, is on one hand human activity, and on the other hand human inaction.

It is frightening to realize that Stephen Harper’s long-term and toxic war against science had taken hold in the Elections Canada organization and that the infection persists there. Their pronouncement limiting free discussion of climate change in the coming election campaign demonstrates a wilful misunderstanding of the scientific method and the nature of climate change itself.

If Maxime Bernier or any other political leader announced his or her rejection of the idea of earth’s gravitational field, for example, would Elections Canada then limit the discussion of gravity as a fact of life? I hope not.

A clear and immediate statement from Elections Canada renouncing its illogical and partisan interpretation of climate change is necessary.

Martin Potter, Greely


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