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Facial Recognition Stops Queue Jumping At Bars

Though facial recognition technology isn’t exactly flavor of the month at the moment, it could prove popular among revelers queuing at a busy bar. British data science company DataSparQ has introduced the A.I. Bar service, which helps bar staff decide who needs serving next by putting customers in a virtual queue. Getting served at a […]

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Autonomous Combine Harvests Russian Fields

Russia’s largest agricultural holding company has joined forces with AI development firm Cognitive Technologies to pilot autonomous crop management on 665,000 hectares of land. It is hoped that the technology will help reduce crop losses while also improving farming efficiency. Rusagro has contracted Cognitive Technologies – the same company that’s testing an autonomous tram in […]

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Integrating Live Bacteria To Create A Second Skin

Central Saint Martins graduate Rosie Broadhead has integrated live bacteria into the fibres of clothing that reduces body odour, encourages cell renewal and improves the immune system, when activated by sweat. By encapsulating live bacteria into the fibres of a leotard-like garment, the designer hopes to create a new interaction between fabric and skin through […]

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Self-Healing Antibacterial Gel

The most numerous of organisms on Earth, bacteriophages are viruses that infect and kill bacteria. Now, scientists have grown enough of them to create a self-healing hydrogel that’s made almost entirely of the things. It could have important applications in medicine, and in other fields. Led by chemical engineer Zeinab Hosseini-Doust, researchers at Canada’s McMaster […]

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